November 8, 2017 / Downingtown, PA

Farrow Holdings Group Inc, parent company of the Farrow System, is pleased to announce brand autonomy after dissolving its partnership with FP Group, LLC and Clearblast. Farrow System has launched its new website September 2017 and will continue to trade under the Farrow System brand and offer new and improved models that will incorporate new patented technology beginning January 2018.

Farrow System is a wet abrasive blasting system that uses patented technology in eco-friendly cleaning applications for industrial, marine, infrastructure, building restoration and oil and gas pipelines. The brand is known internationally as the market leader in slurry blasting and is the only method that includes the patented method of adding heat to provide free flow. Farrow System was formerly part of FP Group LLC in West Chester, PA. FP Group has decided to launch its new brand Clearblast and will trade exclusively under Clearblast name beginning January 2018 and will no longer be affiliated with FHG, Inc or it’s subsidiaries.

As the founder of Farrow System, CEO Nigel Farrow, has continued to pioneer new ways to improve existing blasting technology. A statement from Nigel Farrow reads, “Over the years, my goal has been to increase productivity by finding ways to speed the efficiency of the blasting process. Adding heat to the system was my first improvement to achieve free flow. I am excited to expand the corporate direction to include a new patent which harnesses basic principles of fluid dynamics to create free flow. The future is bright for Farrow System as we continue to look for ways to improve upon our existing product line and expand and improve new markets with our research findings.”

Updates will be forthcoming on as well as the Facebook page Farrow System International HQ.