Farrow Videos

Farrow System is pleased to announce that machines with new patented technology are now available for rent through Sunbelt Rentals North America. Call your local dealership for pricing. Witness the power of FLOW®️ in the video below which creates a tornado effect, making it easier on the operator while cleaning and a wider more even blast pattern.

New patented and scientifically proven technology by Farrow System spins the media in the nozzle creating a more even blast pattern and lifts the substrate from the surface! Witness the power of Farrow FLOW®️ …the only vapor blasting solution that lifts the substrate from the surface and allows you to blast at lower pressures. This video shows the effectiveness when the machine is set at 35 psi. Notice the tornado effect at the end of the nozzle!

Farrow System solves the long-standing problem of cleaning the interior walls of pipes at 38psi with its new patented FLOW®️ technology! There are no chemicals, no mechanical parts, low water consumption, crushed glass media, eco-friendly, and will clean in place!