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Call us for more information at 833-FARROW-3

Call us for more information at 833-FARROW-3

Call us for more information at 833-FARROW-3

Farrow Flow - A Patented Insert for Use in Blasting

The FARROW FLOW® insert will turbo charge your existing dry blast pot!

Farrow Flow injects air in a helical pattern creating a vortex that picks up the media and creates a better mix before reaching the nozzle requiring fewer passes over the substrate.

The result… a wider and more consistent pattern at the nozzle. This equals less time, lower pressure, lower media consumption, less mess, easier on the operator and the list goes on!

In minutes, you can convert your existing blast pot and achieve the following:

Patent Pending Worldwide

25% Faster

25% Wider Spread

Lower Pressure = Lower Emissions = Eco-Friendly

Easy 60 Second Installation

Converts Any Dry Blasting Machine

Decreased Media Consumption

Money Back Guarantee

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This is the master site for all Farrow System manufacturing and sales within the United States and Worldwide.

We oversee quality and sales in manufacturing and use of the Farrow System brand.

The Farrow System is the original wet abrasive blasting solution on which all other systems are built.  Slurry blasting, wet abrasive cleaning or dustless blasting are all interchangeable but there is only one system that adds heat and that is the patented method used by the Farrow System.

The Farrow System is a unique low-pressure cleaning solution using environmentally friendly media and by introducing heat to the process, achieves maximum performance at minimum pressure, cleaning any surface without damaging it.

As the only method that adds heat to the slurry mixture, we harness the power of free flow in the vapor, causing the media particles to be suspended in the vapor.  The result is the more even and consistent blast pattern in cleaning.

The gentle and low pressure nature of wet abrasive blasting combined with Farrow System’s innovative patent of heat added to the mixture makes it an ideal solution for all applications including industrial, marine, graffiti removal and rust remediation and of course, historical restorations and artifacts which can be damaged by other overzealous chemical and high pressure solutions.

If you don’t have heat, you don’t have “free flow”…if you don’t have “free flow” you don’t have a Farrow System.

Please see our history page for more details on free flow.