Farrow Coating Removal Equipment

The Farrow System® is a cost effective, environmentally safe surface cleaning method which quickly removes coatings, oxidation and graffiti from most surfaces without damaging them. An incredibly versatile blasting method, Farrow systems can be used for concrete, epoxy coating removal, auto restoration, steel surface prep, brick, stone and stucco and a myriad of other uses.

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Farrow FLOW FS1


  • Wet Abrasive Blasting System
  • Reduces Airborne Particulates by Over 90% and Uses 50-75% Less Abrasive Compared to Dry Blasting
  • Fully Pneumatic Controls


Wet abrasive blasting starts by mixing water and abrasive media, then using compressed air to propel the mixture against the surface. The velocity of the mixture, or slurry, is increased due to the reduction of friction from the presence of water. Unlike dry blasting, wet blasting substantially reduces media consumption and dust while still providing any profile and surface cleanliness required.


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Farrow FLOW 185 Mobile Cleaning Unit


  • Compact System, Complete with Air and Water Supply
  • Airman 185CFM Diesel Engine Air Compressor
  • Galvanized Tandem Axle Trailer with Hydraulic Surge Brakes on Each Wheel 

The perfect balance of capacity and mobility, this self-contained unit comes complete with air supply and 110 gal water supply and can be easily towed behind a standard pickup truck.




  • For larger jobs with up to 130 psi capability
  • Extension hoses can extend 250 feet
  • Will operate 5 hours without media refilling
  • Operates with 100 CFM – 250 CFM air supply

 THE FARROW SYSTEM uses heat and low pressures to align the specifically formulated media in a precisely engineered turbo nozzle. They shoot to the surface at low velocity much like a storm of darts. Upon contact, they burst into thousands of sharp “missiles” which actually force their way BETWEEN the surface and the coating. Each particle does more than four times the work of other medias; cleaning faster, better, and more efficiently than ever before. 

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