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Patented method for the removal of surface coatings.

In 1988, Nigel Farrow, inventor of The Farrow System®, set out on a journey of discovery. Farrow, the son of an English Dairy farmer, had learned to sail as a boy. As an adult he had the opportunity to crew aboard a sailing ship owned by his employer, Lloyd’s Underwriting. While involved in the winter maintenance of the vessel, Farrow decided there must be a better way to clean anti-fouling coatings from boat hulls. Over the next ten years, Farrow’s experiments hit many dead ends. Scraping took too much time and labor, and chemical stripping was slow, dangerous and created disposal problems. Media blasting looked promising, but produced clouds of contaminated dust and damaged most surfaces. Then, in the late 1990’s, Farrow tried adding heat to his process.

Safe & Green

The Farrow System® is environmentally friendly and doesn’t use any chemicals or chemical byproducts. Our Farrow Green Clean™ cleaning media is non-toxic which means that after use, it can be disposed of easily and properly. Dust levels are suppressed within the vaporized elements of Farrow Green Clean™, therefore allowing this extremely low-pressure cleaning method to be used safely outdoors, within populated urban areas and even in enclosed environments.

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